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Simple guide to buy a new DSLR camera

Are you ready to buy a new DSLR camera?
Get special guide and simple tips before you choose a new DSLR camera. 
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Dananjaya, A young photographer in action. 

Buying a DSLR camera (Digital Single Lens Reflect) needs serious consideration, especially for beginners who have a limited budget. Because the first camera that will determine the choice of lenses and accessories. 

What is a D SLR? 'SLR' itself stands for 'Single Lens Reflex' and refers to the display system, in which the light passes through the lens, which bounced off the mirror and into the 45° prism and turn right to direction-round display (so that viewers will see what captured by the lens).

D in DSLR stands for Digital. The most distinguishing feature of SLR (although not unique to them) is that interchangeable lenses, which allows the user to adjust the lens is designed for specific tasks. Hundreds of lenses are available, along with dozens of special accessories like flashguns, battery packs and remote distance. There are other benefits of Digital SLR ownership, such as better image quality and response time, burst shooting and user control.

Photography is now increasingly popular; everyone is able to shoot something with each gadget, at least with the smartphone. Photography is becoming more popular is also inseparable from the development of camera technology. Trends or life style and also lower prices increase arousal beginners to buy a DSLR camera. If you seriously want to buy a DSLR camera in 2014 or in 2015, you need to think about some aspects of the following:
tips to buy DSLR camera, tips to choose DSLR camera, new DSLR camera tips, guide to buy DSLR camera, new DSLR camera, DSLR camera for beginner, Kim Ya Hul
Kim Ya Hul with DSLR camera. Image:

1. Professional or hobby?
A professional photographer obviously need a DSLR camera because it demands a profession and to provide a high quality picture for the client. If photography is a hobby, or just likes to be photographed without make photography as the foundation of life, it is necessary to consider carefully whether it is necessary to buy an expensive DSLR camera?

 2. Image Quality
Due to the larger size of the image sensor in a DSLR that allows for larger pixel sizes - DSLRs are generally able to be used at a faster ISO which will lead to faster shutter speeds and less grain (ie shoot at 1600 ISO on DSLR most will have less noise than shooting at 1600 on the Point and Shoot). DSLRs also have built-in noise reduction when generating JPG images which also help reduce noise.

3. Size and File Format
I believe in the year 2013, many DSLR cameras with high resolution will come out on the market. A side effect of high resolution DSLR camera is the large file size of each picture, especially its RAW files. You would need a super computer to process the RAW foto2 and also require additional Hard Disk for back-up. If you are a lazy photographed with RAW, so think more wisely before buying a DSLR camera.

4. Needs versus budget
Buy a DSLR camera as needed is a wise thing, but between the needs and budgets are often not appropriate, therefore you do not force yourself to buy a camera that is too sophisticated when we do not need those features for everyday shooting. For beginners are advised to seek the budget is not too expensive, so that later if you have advanced, then you are free to look for more advanced camera. You think it might be better to invest in a variety of lenses, so you can take pictures in a variety of conditions such as photos and more varied landscape, macro, sports photography, models, night shooting and so on.

5. Sensor
Note the size of the sensor used to capture the image. Although a lot of variations in size, generally fall into three categories, namely Full Frame, APS-C and Four-Thirds. Full frame DSLR camera is all DSLR cameras use the same sensor size to the size of analog film.

 So what is seen in the viewfinder, that's the picture, without any portion being reduced or photographic term "crop". APS-C sensor camera has a smaller sensor size. Actually, there are parts missing photo or crop. The advantage of this type is that the price to be cheaper and lighter body. The third camera Four-Thirds sensor, this type is a current trend. With the smaller sensor size of APS-C, the body is smaller anyway and certainly lighter and easier to carry anywhere without much reducing the quality of the resulting image.

tips to buy DSLR camera, tips to choose DSLR camera, new DSLR camera tips, guide to buy DSLR camera, new DSLR camera, DSLR camera for beginner, Kim Ya Hul
Digital image editing sample
Examples of full frame cameras: Canon 5D Mark III, Nikon D600, Nikon D800, Nikon D610, Nikon D4, Sony A99. Example camera APS-C crop sensor: Canon 600D/650D/60D/7D, D3000/D3200/D90/D7000 Nikon, Sony A390, Sony SLT A37/A57.
Example Four-Thirds cameras: the Canon EOS-M, Fuji XE-1, J1/V1 Nikon, Olympus EPL / EPM / EP, Panasonic GF, Sony NEX.

6. Features
Is Megapixel resolution very important? When planning to print the photos in large size, you should buy a camera with great resolution so that the images can also be printed as desired maximum.

As an illustration with a 4 MP camera can produce a good print size 10R (like the size of a magazine cover). Well if you just want the photos and share to the virtual world, not too big Megapixel needed. If you buy a new digital camera, you can buy 18 mega pixels resolution.

7. ISO
Other feature on DSLR cameras that may need to be considered is the ISO setting for shooting in the dark. ISO is related to the sensitivity of the camera sensor to light. The greater the value of the settings in the camera, the more sensitive and the light is obtained.

8. Speed
DSLR cameras have better speed than expensive pocket camera. Speed ​​is often necessary when photographing a moving object such as a moving car or watching a music concert. Any entry level DSLR camera has better speed than high-end compact cameras. The more expensive the speed is increasing as well. This is necessary if you are photographing a moving object such as a car that was speeding or you have a hobby music concert.

9. Image Stabilization / Anti-Shake
Another thing to note is anti shake select DSLR camera systems. Because pictures taken in poor lighting or taken from a distance would be prone to opaque (blur) due to hand movement or unintentional camera. Image Stabilization is designed to avoid this problem. Anti shake or image stabilization can be found in your lens or in the body of the camera.

10. Size and Model
Digital SLR camera size is large and not as a regular digital camera. But there are also some DSLR cameras are lightweight and can be taken anywhere on the go. Even as reviewed above, Mircro Four-Thirds camera is comfortable to carry anywhere with a small form.

 If you are a novice photographer, its better you do not force yourself to buy a camera that is too expensive. You might be better off choosing a Digital SLR camera is the middle class and start saving to buy accessories and of course some lenses that will help you to develop your talents in the world of photography. If you have a dream to buy a professional camera such as full frame camera, use the camera you have with the maximum. Try to choose your stock photos; you definitely have a lot of good pictures to your online selling. One day you will have enough money to buy the best and professional cameras.
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