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Feng Shui tips before buy a new house

Do you have a plan to buy a new house for your real home?
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You've heard the expression "My home is my palace". In the film we often heard the actors saying "Home Sweet Home". The house is not just a shelter and refuge, but the house is a place to share love and a place to build dreams.

Have you found your dream home? You can search for homes by way of the West or the East way. From the East we've heard the term Feng shui, an art or guidelines and beliefs of the country of China that has been widely used in developed countries such as the UK, United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and in many other countries. 

If you follow these guidelines, you will certainly assume that buying a home is one of the most important decisions in life. That is why it is very important to choose the right property. If you get the right guidance feng shui, then you will get a home that makes you happy, healthy and prosperous together with your family. That is the hope of every person before buying a house, so you stay at home that makes you happy.

Do you want to know how to buy a beautiful house or apartment with Feng Shui system? Find out more. 

Buying a home is should not be arbitrary, even, whether consciously or not, feng shui houses often are one of the factors important considerations for those who aim to make the house as a permanent residence.

When talking about Feng shui, meaning we talk about balance and harmonious relationship between man, nature and around us, for example, neighbors and the environment around us. That's why a house should be built in the right position with the rules based on Feng shui. You may have heard the term Yin and Yang, as that is our life, balanced and harmonious.

You can count on feng shui or make basic guidelines before you purchase your dream home. If you do not yet understand about the science of feng shui, you can search for advisors feng shui that you can rely on to give you the right advice.

However, Here are some tips for choosing the ideal stay based on Feng shui, as summarized from various sources. Please use feng shui information as described below:

1. Look at the surrounding environment
Environment around the home should be beautiful. That is, the place is clean and is in a fairly comfortable position. Not close to a landfill. Not surrounded by buildings that are too high. A plant around the building also looks lush and fresh.

2. Check the condition of the soil contour
chinese astronomy, feng shui expert, feng shui for business, feng shui tips, geomancy, yin yang, buy house tips, buy house with feng shui, feng shui adviser
Homes without feng shui. Image:
Good home stay located on the contour of the land up to the back, not the other way around. The house is located on the ground down to the back is believed to reduce the prosperity of the household. Note also that was in front of the house. Is the condition of the land is higher, so the residential buildings of interest that are much lower.

3. See direction toward the main entrance
Direction toward the main entrance, preferably in accordance is with a direction that is good for the head of the family. For this one, should be seen Kua number of the head of the family. How, for men to use the formula: (100 - year of birth) / 9, the rest is Kua. For women, (year of birth - 4) / 9 remainder is Kua.

Kua 2,5,6,7, and 8, including the group toward the West, and the direction toward the main entrance is the West, Northwest, Southwest, or Northeast. While Kua 1, 3, 4, and 9, including the East group and the direction toward the main entrance are: East, North, South, or Southeast.

4. Look at the layout of the interior
The layout of the interior is needed to consider some important principles. Especially, the kitchen should not be located in the northern sector (due north symbol of water, while the kitchen is a fire), bathroom or toilet is not located in the southern sector (due south is the symbol of fire, while the bathroom or toilet is the symbol of water).

Also, avoid homes with the location of stairs, kitchen, or bathroom or toilet (water closet) is located right in the middle of the house. Hope you avoid the front door of a house also directly looking towards the staircase, the kitchen door, and the bathroom door or the toilet.

5. Check the model or the shape of the building
Building a simple shape and uniform, better than the irregular shape of the building and forms the basis of diversity. If most of the multi-storey buildings, the position level should be at the back of the building, not the other way around.

6. Rely on your intuition
After considering some of the tips above, the last note is your own intuition. When looking at the building that interests you, consider all aspects of the building from the outside to the inside, and try to feel whether the house will suit you. You can quickly see and feel if there is a match with the residential buildings. The first impression is also important to note, for example, air condition, environment, your neighbors, and the atmosphere that you feel in your heart when you visit the homes that you visit.
chinese astronomy, feng shui expert, feng shui for business, feng shui tips, geomancy, yin yang, buy house tips, buy house with feng shui, feng shui adviser,
Good home with feng shui tips. Image:

Before you decide to buy the house, you probably need to see once again a few days later to ensure that the house is right for you. Make the house as a topic of conversation with your spouse, you may need to ask the opinion of your father or mother, even if you have children, then their opinion is also important to be heard. You do not have to believe in feng shui expert guidance given 100 percent. The final decision remains in your hands.

Feng shui, guidelines from China is not only a reference to buy a home, but can be used to determine the location of the business, the layout of the furniture (interior) home or office, and so on. Studies of this kind can also be found in Bali and several other faiths of Asia, maybe even Africa. The main purpose of Feng shui is so that you can get positive energy from vibration or where you are, so you can live healthy, successful, prosperous and happy.

Special Note: According to WikipediaFeng shui (: fēng shuǐ, pronounced [fɤ́ŋ ʂwèi]  is a Chinese system of geomancy believed to use the laws of both Heaven (Chinese astronomy) and Earth to help one improve life by receiving positive qi.
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  1. Really informative and useful. Definitely I'll consider these things once I buy a house and lot in Batangas. Thanks