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Your dog also needs to walk and play. Special tips to make your dog happy

Treat your dog as a social creature

Apparently, not only you or your children need time to play and go for a walk, then your dog also needs the same thing. They want to enjoy the outdoors. They need fresh air, and even play with you or other dogs. Just as we as a human being, then the dog was considered as a social creature, who need interaction with the surrounding nature. Furthermore, the dog would want to socialize with other dogs.
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This dog slept very soundly, Sanur Beach, Bali. Image: Putu  Agung WP.

Dogs have sensitive feelings, not only to strangers passing or entering our homes, so that the dog will react, then they bark to alert the master. Dogs can also distinguish guests or family who has been a regular visit our home, and who is suspicious. Dogs have a unique instinct that is not possessed by humans. Therefore, since they were tamed by humans in ancient times, dogs have been entrusted by the people to protect their home and livestock.

Dogs are also tasked to accompany the master to hunt the woods. In addition to the horse that can carry the load, or cows that can plow agricultural land, the dogs are pets that can be relied on to help humans in many human activities. In the modern era, the dog has helped many people to prevent drug-related crime at the airport or port. When there are natural disasters, the dog is very great co-workers to find victims of natural disasters in places that are difficult to reach by the eye or by the human olfactory.

To appreciate the services of the dog as man's best friend, it is very important to keep the inner happiness of our dogs. We are not only obliged to give them a healthy dog food, also not just bathe them so that they do not stink. As social beings, dogs also require simple entertainment such as playing ball, frisbee, running, and of course invite them to walk in the morning or afternoon. You can definitely see and feel how happy your dog when you were ready to take them out of the house, and take your dog to the park or wander around the housing you are staying. Look at the flick of the tail of your dog, as well as the reaction on their faces and ears. All behavior is a happy expression of your dog.

Beyond our expectations, proved that dogs are also very understanding to give thanks, and reply to all the goodness and compassion of man to the dogs. Are very often I feel a sense of happiness when some days not at home, such as family and out of town - and when we return - our dogs were welcomed with enthusiasm, full of love.

In various events that you might have heard on the radio, read the newspaper or on television news broadcasts, there is the story of a dog who saved a family from the dangers of fire. There is also a dog with so heroic, saving a farmer's son from an attack of venomous snakes, even the dog was the one who died for the salvation of men, who have been so diligently to nurture the dog.

Since young puppies until they grow up, it looks like a dog that has regard us as "parents", and our children have been regarded as a brother or sister. Evidently, outsiders only be regarded as a mere guest, even suspect certain people, and sometimes it is evident that the person is not a good person. Of course you see many the uniqueness of your dog during this time.

With all the fantastic behavior, cuteness or delinquency of our dogs, then it is deservedly to treat them with more "humane", and not one when we consider them as family members. Because of that, we just need to do simple things to make our dogs healthy emotional and physical. Invite them to enjoy a morning or evening walk, or play with them, then they will reward all our good, even made us a surprise someday.
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